DRIVE SLOW - Short Film (2017)
Terrence Thompson, Writer & Director
Zoe Lubeck & Alex Thompson, Producers
Alex Thompson & Lucia Palmarini, Executive Producers

Available On-Demand through Comcast.

"Drive Slow" is a short film produced by Free Spirit Media and Runaway Train and directed by Terrence Thompson follows a teenager from the South-Side of Chicago attempting to finish his college essays. As he struggles to boil down his complex surroundings in 500 words, his friends' disparate opinions, racist news narratives, and the threat of lingering danger only complicate the process.

Based off the pilot script of the same name, "Drive Slow" seeks to challenge certain stigmas surrounding Chicago communities, as well as tell the diverse stories of young people from this great city.

Drive Slow was produced by Free Spirit Media in association with Runaway Train and Endangered Peace.

Find out more information on Drive Slow's website or on Facebook.

Drive Slow premiered at the New York Television Festival and has played at dozens of festivals since.
Runaway Train 2019 — Chicago, Illinois