KING RAT - Feature Film (2019)
Henry Johnston, Director
Alex Thompson and Zoe Lubeck, Producers
Steven Callas, Co-Producer
Ian Keiser & Pierce Cravens, Executive Producers
Zoe Lubeck, Cinematographer
Alex Thompson, Nicole Halova & Henry Johnston, Editors

Burt Young as Professor Art Stillman in King Rat.

Winner "Audience Choice" at the Indy Film Fest

Weston (Julian Hester), washed-up at 22 in the few days left of college at Asbury University, doesn't seem to have a clue. Without friends or a girlfriend and tepid expectations as a comedian and writer, Weston's only friend is his advisor, the Dead-head literati Professor Stillmann (Burt Young). Asbury's only semi-famous alum, washed-up screenwriter Seann Taverner (Bradley Grant Smith) arrives on campus to deliver the commencement address and Weston suddenly sees a way out.

King Rat is the first feature film from director Henry Johnston.
Runaway Train 2019 — Chicago, Illinois