Ryan Bourque & Brett Neveu, Co-Creators
Alex Thompson & Ryan Bourque, Co-Directors
Alex Thompson, Producer
Brett Neveu, Executive Producer & Writer

Eddie Jemison in The Humbler.

Sometimes you just need to hit something. Or someone.

The Humbler is a series about a one-man, craigslist fight club (played by Bradley Grant Smith),  set on the streets of Chicago, with the black humor and stylistic technique of Old Boy, the wry human drama of Amazon’s Transparent and the binge-worthy twists of AMC’s Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

Written by Brett Neveu (A Red Orchid Theatre), co-created by Neveu and Ryan Bourque, and co-directed by Bourque and Alex Thompson, the series is influenced most heavily by the DIY aesthetic of Chicago - the hardworking, harsh and contrasting neighborhoods and communities, and the intense dichotomy between feeling alone and a part of something greater.

Runaway Train 2019 — Chicago, Illinois